In the most recent episode, Comic-Con legend, Gareb Shamus discusses how he has used storytelling to build engagement and a “maker world” that grows and strengthens communities.

What started off as a newsletter about comics, founder Gareb Shamus’ passion project, ultimately became known to the world as a magazine titled Wizard. According to Shamus, Wizard  was the outlet in which he could “create a voice” and share with his friends the things he had discovered that excited him.

Shamus touched on the importance of building elements of engagement and not limiting creativity within communities to further “unite them around what they love.” More importantly, he explains how building engagement allowed him to reach billions of people around the world in a way that made it “fun to be a fan of culture.”

There’s a natural synergy between comics and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), a topic discussed in great depth in this week’s episode of NFT Steez, a bi-weekly Twitter Space that explores the intersection of NFTs, culture and all things Web3-related.

“We need to promote storytelling”

When asked about the role storytelling will play in the Kumite NFT project, Shamus explained that Web3 allows for greater participation and engagement whereby multiple stories, from multiple points of view can be told and expressed. In launching Kumite NFT, Shamus describes that it brings the hero’s journey to holders and in this way, “everyone can be a hero in their journey.” 

Regarding the sustainability of an NFT project, Shamus said for Kumite, it was essential to develop…

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