Colexion stays at the forefront to empower India’s gaming enthusiasts to shape their future and provide multiple growth opportunities. Launching the world’s biggest NFT drop of 30 celebrities on 12th December IST.

Being the second-most populous country, India has the largest number of mobile gamers in the world. And with the advancement in blockchain and VR/AR technology, the gaming industry is paving its way to disrupt the industry with rapidly increasing users each passing day. Video games have considerably evolved in the past few decades. In fact, the global gaming market, which was valued at USD 173.70 billion in 2020, is predicted to reach USD 314.40 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 9.64% between 2021 and 2026.

The fact that people can earn while playing and then sell it to other people is what has been the driving force behind the popularity of gaming. Today, people are trying different ways and tactics to channelize their creativity and explore all the futuristic opportunities in the virtual world.

Therefore, it’s imperative to understand the basic differences between crypto gaming and NFT gaming. While crypto gaming stays outside all the disadvantages of centralization, NFT in gaming allows users to enjoy ownership rights of their exclusive games. This further adds value to gaming, making it much more popular within the gaming world. To simplify this, Crypto gaming uses cryptocurrency to earn and transact with other players. On the other hand, NFT gaming offers a much more complete experience focused on using native currency to generate and collect unique…

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