Coinbase Transparency Report -Q1-Q3, 2021

By Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer

Coinbase is proud to publish our third Transparency Report. This report covers the period between January 1 through September 30, 2021*. As Coinbase continues to grow and offer services in new markets, the number of legitimate information requests we receive from law enforcement agencies and other government agencies will increase accordingly. As such, moving forward, we will publish these reports on an annual basis.

The goal of these reports, which we began publishing in 2020 (our two prior reports can be found here and here), is to keep our customers informed about requests for customer information we receive from government agencies and law enforcement — how many we have received, where they come from, and our approach in responding to them. While transparency reports are common in the technology industry, we believe financial institutions should similarly publish these reports on a regular basis, and we encourage them to do so.

At Coinbase, the safety of our customers is very important to us, and we respect the key role of law enforcement and government agencies in pursuing bad actors who engage in prohibited activity or seek to abuse our platform. At the same time, protecting the financial privacy of our customers is a fundamental part of our commitment to being the most trusted place to engage with cryptocurrency. This report shares data on the requests for information that Coinbase receives from government and law enforcement agencies around the world and provides a view into how…

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