By Brett Tejpaul, Head of Institutional Sales, Trading and Prime

Our goal is to be the trusted bridge to the cryptoeconomy for all institutions, to fuel widespread adoption of crypto, and ultimately to increase global economic freedom. Coinbase Prime, an integrated solution that provides secure custody, an advanced trading platform, prime services and market data, has become a first choice for sophisticated investors and institutions that want to start investing in digital assets.

Coinbase Prime and Enfusion are connecting to offer cryptocurrency trading to financial institutions and investment managers. By providing straight-through processing to Coinbase Prime via APIs Enfusion is providing its clients institutional access to digital asset custody and algorithmic trading, with the potential to further our relationship in the future.

“Enfusion’s connectivity with Coinbase Prime will allow us to seamlessly manage our crypto positions alongside other assets from a single interface, streamlining our trading operations. We’re very excited to see two platforms we rely on every day team up to continue improving how institutions access the crypto markets,’ said Eric Peters, CEO and CIO of One River, a leading asset management firm.

We’re excited to connect to our first OEMS Enfusion, as their native multi-asset management system is a natural first choice to collaborate with on a joint institutional offering. We expect financial institutions to continue to increase their portfolio exposure to crypto, and we’re committed to offering the best tools to enable them to…

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