By Darin Carter and Trent Fuenmayor, Coinbase Giving

Tl;dr: We continue to invest in high impact projects that advance economic freedom around the world. We’ve pledged $10M in Q1 and supported more than 20,000 people. More to do.

Coinbase Giving is the embodiment of our commitment to Pledge 1% of profits, equity, and employee time to philanthropic work that advances our mission to increase economic freedom in the world. In Dec 2021, we provided our last update. Here’s the latest and greatest on our efforts so far in 2022.

Where we are

Over the past three months, we have launched 14 new projects, supported 15 organizations, pledged over $10M in philanthropic grants, and are directly impacting the economic freedom of more than 20,000 people.

Areas of focus

In 2022, our focus has been to support high-impact work that aligns with four broad focus areas:

  1. Crypto-Literacy: Increasing education and access to crypto
  2. Infrastructure: Accelerating the development of open-source crypto protocols
  3. Web3 Talent Development: Fostering the next generation of crypto talent, no matter who they are or where they are located
  4. Global Development: Funding crypto-forward projects that advance global development, as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Investing in and increasing the levels of education and access to crypto

Blockchain curricula is starting to make its way into the classroom and Coinbase Giving has continued to invest in this vital work. To meet the tremendous demand for web3 talent, Coinbase Giving has decided to triple the number of community…

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