In May 2021, we announced the launch of Coinbase Giving. Coinbase Giving is the operational embodiment of our commitment to Pledge 1%: our promise to dedicate 1% of Coinbase profits, equity, and employee time toward charitable activities that leverage the power of crypto to increase economic freedom in the world.

Where we are

In the past 7 months we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished:

  • Coinbase Giving is the largest charitable organization focused on Crypto (>$500M endowed at the time of post)
  • GiveCrypto, founded in 2018, has been brought officially under the umbrella of Coinbase Giving to enable scale and maximize social impact
  • We have launched 7 programs, supported 410 organizations, deployed ~$2M, and are impacting 2K+ lives

We are only at the beginning of this journey. 2021 has been a test and iteration year — our impact is still modest. The purpose of this post is to share progress and lessons learned.


In 2021 our focus has been to support endeavors that align to three broad categories:

  1. Increasing education around, and access to, crypto
  2. Accelerating the development of crypto protocols that underpin the cryptoeconomy
  3. Fostering the next generation of crypto talent, no matter where they are located


GiveCrypto is our nonprofit that enables crypto based direct giving to some of the most needy people in the world. In doing so we also educate them about crypto and give them an alternative to their broken financial systems.

GiveCrypto has been one of Coinbase Giving’s largest investment areas in-house. GiveCrypto is a two-sided market. First,…

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