Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) might soon have futures contracts available on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a CME Group executive said earlier this week.

Payal Shah, the director of equity and cryptocurrency products at CME, spoke at CryptoCompare’s Digital Asset Summit in London. 

“We’re looking at it,” she said when asked if CME was considering offering futures and other derivative products for altcoins. “We get a number of client requests for anything outside the top two—Solana, Cardano.”

Although they’re still categorized as “altcoins” simply because they’re not Bitcoin or Ether (the latter of which is itself sometimes mentioned as an altcoin), SOL and ADA have solidified their places in the top 10 by market cap. As of Friday afternoon, SOL was the sixth-largest coin with a $44.3 billion market cap and ADA was eighth largest with a $39.5 billion market cap.

Solana, especially, has seen a lot of growth. It was the top-performing coin in 2021, climbing from $1.84 at the start of the year to $178.26 by December 15.

While the interest is certainly there, Shah said CME will have to contend with two main challenges before offering futures contracts for SOL or ADA.

First, the exchange’s futures contracts settle to an index because they rely on five different exchanges for price; if there’s an outage on one, they still have a precise price and can settle their futures. 

The other concern is regulatory. “We need to know where to send the paperwork,” she said.

There’s been a lot of demand for the Bitcoin and Ethereum products CME already…

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