The truth about eco-tokens

Berlin, Germany, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire)  CleanOcean is excited to announce its migration from $CLEAN v1 to $CLEAN v2 has commenced and will take place until 8/12/2021. The move has seen all relevant wallets transferred to v2.

In early 2021, the project was inspired by a charity and eco-token movement and wanted to design something that would affect and aid in the preservation of our seas. Notably, CleanOcean is managed by a fully doxxed and devoted team working on the project openly and transparently.

A New Smart Contract 

CleanOcean aims to become a well-known and recognized name in the eco-token space. Currently, the smart contract for $CLEAN token is updated, and holders are migrating their assets to v2.

The new total supply has been reduced to one billion tokens with the smart contract upgrade. The reduction in number occured due to token burning, which saw 40% of the tokens get burned. Almost burned. Most of the platform’s smart contracts are within the organization’s control. As a result, the team can actively manage everything and respond to trends and market conditions.

The coin is also readily trackable by common services such as CoinMarketCap. The digital asset  is also available on CEXs such as CoinGecko. Security features have been encoded into the contract to avoid abuse of the reflecting system or honeypotting.

According to CleanOcean CEO, the contract is the most advanced step they have seen in the BSC space so far.

Marketing Campaigns Set to Start

CleanOcean’s goal is to…

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