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  • Scams continue to plague DAOs and NFT collections, exploiting human and platform weaknesses.
  • Former content moderation service Chatsight is now applying AI to Discord servers.

While the crypto industry is focused on building the decentralized Web3 future, centralized Web2 platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram are where the community lives today. As DAOs and NFT collectives continue to use these platforms, fraudsters are flooding in to scam and steal. The Federal Trade Commission recently reported that over $1 billion in crypto had been lost to scams since 2021.

To help combat these attacks, a new San Francisco-based startup called Chatsight is making safety in Discord servers its main business, joining a growing list of services aimed at protecting Discord communities.

Founded in 2021 by Marcus Naughton, Chatsight calls itself a “safety as a service company” designed to provide an added layer of security to social media platforms like Discord and Telegram. These platforms have become central to Web3 projects looking to organize and build communities around their projects.

“We’re providing agnostic technology,” Naughton tells Decrypt. “We build the anti-scam A.I. (artificial intelligence) tech and bridge it out to platforms like Discord, Telegram, and others as they come along with the eventual goal of providing safety tools for on-chain networks.”

Discord is a popular place for DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to organize and collaborate. DAOs are loosely organized communities that come together to build or support crypto projects and…

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