Cash App has recently launched a new feature that would allow users to gift friends and family stock and bitcoin. The app has taken gifting to another level with this new feature that will literally allow users to gift crypto to their loved ones with this feature. The gifting feature works the same way sending money in the app does but this time around, users will be able to gift as little as $1 in stock or crypto.

Gifting Bitcoin With Cash App

The payments app had taken to Twitter to announce the new feature roll-out. It explained that users will be able to gift crypto and stock to their loved ones regardless of whether or not they owned any of it themselves. It would be akin to sending cash on the app and just as easy. The feature was to enable users to help their loved ones start their investing journey by gifting them their first stock or bitcoin.

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“With Cash App, you can now send as little as $1 in stock or bitcoin. It’s as easy as sending cash, and you don’t need to own stock or bitcoin to gift it. So this holiday season, forget the scented candles or novelty beach towel, and help your cousin start investing.”

Cash App’s new gifting feature will only be available to users in the United States. The payments app is owned by Block, formerly known as Square, which is run by ex-CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. With the announcement of the rebrand, Dorsey had explained that the brand’s mission was to help the seller community, by building tools that give access to the…

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