Charles Hoskinson wants you to “wake up.”

In a Twitter broadcast on Tuesday night, the Cardano founder and Ethereum co-founder warned of a “dystopian future” brought on by hyperinflation and governments just printing money.

“The world economy,” Hoskinson warned, “is not healthy.”

And the ongoing crypto crash—where total market cap has plummeted 10% in the past 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap—has shined a light on the divide between institutional investors and retail investors, the latter of whom, in Hoskinson’s view, are using crypto to try to opt out “of a global system that’s unfair.”

“Institutions have been dumping their crypto … most are looking at it as a high-risk, high-return asset,” Hoskinson said. “This was always the danger of inviting the Wall Street types in.”

Because of their financial strategies and rampant inflation, bankers and VCs, Hoskinson continued, “have already chosen their fate. They’re playing musical chairs with a global economy which will collapse. It cannot sustain itself.”

Crypto can be part of the economic solution, he said, while also cautioning against possibly rushed first-to-market products that may not be “best-to-market.” (Hoskinson and LUNA founder Do Kwon have recently…

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