Flickto has seen tremendous success since its first launch on Nov 1st. The number of delegates on the platform has grown rapidly, as has the volume of ADA staked. Less than one month after launch, more than 1.5 ADA has been staked on its ISPO delegator pool.

The project is revolutionizing the way that media financing is carried out. Flickto uses the ISPO pool to fund projects through community partnerships. The media launchpad provides creators with the financing they need to produce their content, while simultaneously providing users the ability to earn passive income by way of distribution royalties after the projects are completed.

Staking In Flickto ISPOs

Users can stake and earn rewards by staking their ADA and earning Flickto’s native token FLICK. Staking with FLICK tokens gives the user the right to vote for the projects which they would like to see funded. Then when the projects are approved by the broader community via voting with staked FLICK tokens, financing is provided until the project is distributed. At which point users will start earning royalties.

Users are able to fund projects that will eventually be seen on the big screen in theaters and also on their TV screens. This takes the power over the media industry out of the hands of a few conglomerates and puts it in the hands of the community, completely eliminating the barrier to entry for industries such as this.

In addition to the rewards from staking FLICK and ADA, participating in voting also earns users rewards. It also makes users eligible for extra rewards, like the just-concluded airdrop that saw two NFTs go to users who have staked in the pool.

Where Media Meets Blockchain

Flickto is the first of its kind on the Cardano blockchain and as such has recorded much success since launch. It entered into a partnership with media industry veterans Ben Morris and Geraint Harvard Jones, who serve as advisors to the project. With decades of experience between the two, they will guide Flickto as they navigate the media project financing space.

Artists from various genres can be selected by the community for financing. Flickto is not just limited to film and TV production. NFT artists and content creators are another example of projects that users can vote on.

FLICK Private And Public Sale

Flickto has completed the first phase of its Private Sale round with great success. The next opportunity to acquire FLICK outside of the ISPO is via the upcoming IDO. The private sale gave users the opportunity to purchase the tokens at a low price.

The Cardano-based project will help accelerate Flickto to provide efficient and transparent crowdfunding services.

The total supply of FLICK tokens is capped at 5,000,000,000 with a total of 1,000,000,000 FLICK tokens going up for sale in the private sale.


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