The Canadian Conservative Party candidate for Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre, has come out in support of allowing Canadians to use Bitcoin (BTC) as legal money in the country.

The YouTube channel BITCOIN posted a video on March 29 of Poilievre saying that the people of Canada need “more financial freedom” before a crowd of about 100 at a local restaurant. He added, “That includes freedom to own and use crypto, tokens, smart contracts, and decentralized finance.”

“People should have the freedom to choose other money. If the government is going to abuse our cash, we should have the freedom to use other, higher quality cash.”

Earlier this year, the Canadian government led by Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had taken a hard-line approach against crypto in response to the Freedom Convoy protests that took place in Ontario. In January and February, Canadian officials froze bank accounts of protestors and attempted to block all donations to the truckers, including those made in crypto.

The Executive Director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC) Koleya Karringten told Cointelegraph today that right now “it’s a hostile environment from the Liberal government towards crypto,” which is “due to a lack of knowledge, understanding, and…

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