Bytnode provides an alternative to the existing global monetary system’s dubious financial policies. Moreover, the fund paves the door for the re-establishment of equal token flow distribution throughout the system.

Sheridan, WY, Feb. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BYTNODE (BYTE), the latest venture of ZION ASSETS Digital Holding Company that develops a set of protocols enabling a basic Decentralized Closed-end Cryptocurrency Fund product to be created, issued, and traded as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) using a smart contract for any pair of underlying ERC20 tokens, recently released a white paper giving an insight into their Bytnode Model.

Bytnode’s inception ($BYTE) is a cross-border decentralized blockchain network that serves the Ethereum network ($ETH). $BYTE employs a strategy similar to that of traditional Centralized Hedge Funds. This serves as a roadmap for Bytnode in transforming a Closed-end Fund into a completely decentralized crypto network that is earned, owned, and managed by the community from the beginning.

BYTNODE Aims to Mimic a traditional Centralized Hedge Fund 1

With a maximum supply of 330 million, $BYTE token is going to power the Bytnode ecosystem, and serve as a Blockchain technology innovation that employs the Smart Contract as a vehicle to decentralize finance (DeFi) with Ethereum (ETH) as its engine.

A number of planned partnerships are scheduled to be announced in the coming days, pushing the project to reach new heights.

The Bytnode Model

The Bytnode Network, also known as “Bytnode,” is centered on its own “smart contract,” a computer program that performs,…

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