Our societies are old – and they’re getting older still.

Despite the often abstract rhetoric that surrounds discussions of “future demographic challenges”, the aging of modern societies represent very tangible labor shortages, loss of productivity, and stagnant economies. Keeping our creative brains running for longer will undoubtedly form part of the solution.

That’s why we’re immensely excited to announce that Extend My Runway (EMR) has chosen KICK.IO launchpad for its public sale. EMR is a self-styled “brain-energy platform” with an ambitious vision to make revolutionary brain science accessible to millions. Its evidence-based and scalable approach combines the latest insights from cognitive neuroscience with behavioral AI to digitally nudge people to adopt behaviors and habits conducive to a longer and more productive life.

EMR works closely with organizations to help them tap into the valuable but often overlooked talent pool of professionals over the age of 50, helping to optimize the participants’ performance within intergenerational teams. Through rigorous, methodologically-sound practices, EMR’s data-driven platform helps firms to gain a clear and measurable advantage over the competition by improving the creative and problem-solving abilities of its aging workforce.

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Public sale on KICK.IO

EMR’s public sale will kick off on January 19, 12:00 UTC and will run until January 23, 12:00 UTC. Our projections indicate a substantial investor interest, so be sure to participate in this public sale…

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