Bitcoin (BTC) witnessed a roller coaster ride in 2021 and even though BTC has corrected sharply from its all-time high at $69,000, the digital asset is still up by 60% year-to-date. During the same period, gold has dropped more than 5%. 

With inflation soaring in the United States and several other parts of the world, Bitcoin’s outperformance over gold shows that investors may be considering it to be a better hedge against inflation when compared to gold.

During the year, the total crypto market capitalization surged to about $3 trillion, but Bitcoin’s dominance fell from about 70% at the start of the year to 40%. This shows that several altcoins have outperformed Bitcoin by a huge margin.

Crypto market data daily view. Source: Coin360

As cryptocurrencies gain wider adoption, multiple altcoins are likely to capture investors’ attention. These could produce strong returns for investors over the next year.

Technical analysis has been used to arrive at the current list of large-cap cryptocurrencies that could remain in focus in 2022 and benefit from a crypto bull run.

Let’s study the charts of the top five cryptocurrencies to calculate their possible target objectives and the support levels to watch out for in 2022.