While Meta has not yet launched its metaverse project, Bitcoin SV (BSV) association president Jimmy Nguyen thinks that it would be better for the firm to store user data on a public blockchain. 

In a Cointelegraph interview, Nguyen shared that a global and interoperable metaverse ecosystem would mean that individual data will be stored within a public blockchain. If Meta employs this method, Nguyen noted that Meta could become an interface that connects a blockchain to companies’ metaverse apps. This will allow other metaverses to access user data once users give their consent. The BSV president said that:

“I hope Facebook/Meta take an approach of creating a Metaverse where they build the environment but do not uniquely store your identity and data on their own servers.”

Additionally, the BSV president underscored that this type of vision requires a scalable blockchain that can handle large amounts of transactions and data. According to Nguyen, the BSV blockchain is capable of this.

“A successful metaverse requires a lot of data. Therefore, metaverse projects can benefit from integration with a blockchain with massive scale, data capacity and low fees.”

Because of this, Nguyen also shared his belief that the BSV blockchain may play a role in the metaverse in terms of payments and as a base ledger for all the data files necessary for projects that wish to build metaverses.

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