The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is scheduled to take place from May 22–26,  marking the first in-person WEF global leadership event since the pandemic began.

The annual meeting was first scheduled for January but was later turned into a virtual event in light of growing COVID-19 infections during the winter.

The Davos Agenda 2022 virtual event, which took place from January 17–21, 2022, saw major world leaders appeal for cooperation in tackling major global socioeconomic issues. Discussions during the virtual event revolved around global economic recovery, climate action, technological innovation and global collaboration.

A total of 300 world leaders are expected to attend the meeting along with hundreds of businesses and policymakers. Among the 300 governmental representatives, more than 50 leaders of state and government are expected to convey their vision for the globe. Over 1,250 private sector leaders, as well as nearly 100 Global Innovators and Technology Pioneers — the world’s most promising tech and business start-ups — will be in attendance.

The emphasis is on developing impact tactics, establishing new frontiers, predicting plausible future economic scenarios and delivering ambitious answers to the world’s most pressing problems. The World Economic Forum has stepped up its impact activities in the last two years, addressing everything from COVID-19 and climate change to education, technology and energy governance

WEF 2022: A watershed moment in history

The theme of the in-person global summit will be “Working Together, Restoring…

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