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  • BitDAO has partnered with student groups and faculties of some of the world’s most prestigious universities to form EduDAO.
  • EduDAO will serve as an independent steering committee for project grants, research, and product development.

There’s a generation gap in crypto. A May survey from Mastercard, for instance, found that millennials are more interested than any other age group in learning about digital assets.

To capitalize on youthful enthusiasm for digital assets, BitDAO—a decentralized asset manager that boasts $2.5 billion in AUM—and token investor Mirana Ventures have formed a new decentralized autonomous organization that caters to college students: EduDAO.

The DAO is made up of various student and campus research organizations in the U.S., U.K, and China, including Berkeley Center for Responsible, Decentralized Intelligence; Blockchain at Berkeley; Blockchain at Michigan; Blockchain@USC; Harvard Blockchain Club; MIT Sloan Blockchain Club; Oxford Blockchain Society; Penn Blockchain; and Tsinghua University Students Blockchain Association.

DAOs have taken off as a popular way to quickly raise funds for various purchases and causes. They are online communities in which members use a token to cast votes and make management decisions. BitDAO, which raised its billions through digital asset management, plans to allocate $11 million annually to EduDAO so that member groups can conduct research and design blockchain innovations.

The concept for EduDAO came from Jon Allen, managing partner for Mirana Ventures. “The idea is to create autonomous entities like…

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