Super Bowl LVI could be a lot of things.

It could be the Cincinnati Bengals winning the city’s first NFL title, after San Francisco’s Joe Montana beat them twice in the 1980s.

Or it could be the Los Angeles Rams becoming the first team to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium since… well, last year, when Tom Brady’s Buccaneers won in Tampa.

But either way, there’s little doubt of one thing: Viewers will see more Bitcoin and crypto ads than they’ve ever been exposed to before. At least six companies are running ads about crypto during the game: Bitbuy, Coinbase,, eToro, FTX, and Bud Light (a beer ad, but it prominently includes Nouns NFT eyeglasses).

And those are just the ads we know about because they’ve been pre-announced. It’s also widely expected there could be some kind of Bored Ape Yacht Club shoutout during the Super Bowl halftime show, since performers Snoop Dogg and Eminem both own Apes.

From Matt Damon to LeBron James to Kevin Durant, crypto companies have been using celebrity faces to plant a Web3 flag in America’s consciousness.

So, will the ads prompt a bunch of people to dip into crypto who had previously stayed away? Or will they serve to turn people off, or anger those who already see crypto as a scam?

Probably both. Stick with us during the game to get the full info on each crypto ad as it appears.

This is a live blog and will be updated in real time. Check back here for updates.

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