Bitcoin was rejected north of $40,000 after a short live rally push it into previous highs. Persistent selling pressure and uncertainty around the global situation, and an incoming shift in central banks monetary policy, seems to be taking a toll on the crypto market.

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As of press time, Bitcoin trades at $38,790 with a 1.2% loss in the last 24-hours.

BTC moving sideways on the daily chart. Source: BTCUSD Tradingview

Via Twitter, legendary trader Peter Brandt gave “Gen Z” life advice and talked about the importance of making monthly savings in Bitcoin, stocks, and solid companies. As the world enters a period of potentially further uncertainty, Brandt’s message to younger generations was just to simply “HOLD”.

With decades of experience trading the legacy financial system, Brandt also advice “Gen Zers” to think about the market as a “hobby”. In that sense, he advised them to “secure a good job”, to be “frugal”, to get a degree on an area which can provide jobs opportunities, and to stay active in the market while hoping for lower prices in solid assets.

As he advised younger generations to avoid student debt, the Legendary trader said:

Getting a university degree is HUGELY over-rated. Entering a skilled trade is a very legitimate career path. Have a friend whose child just signed a $200k bonus as high-tolerance computerized lathe engineer.

Current market conditions could turn unfavorable for new Bitcoin or crypto traders, the price of the benchmark crypto has…

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