In brief

  • is a blockchain explorer, wallet, and crypto exchange.
  • Unstoppable Domains sells “uncensorable” domain names that people can own and transfer.

What’s in a name? If you have a wallet, hopefully not a lot of random letters and numbers. 

The wallet-cum-exchange will allow all 82 million of its wallet users to connect their alphanumeric addresses to human-friendly NFT domain names, according to an announcement today by Web3 domain name provider Unstoppable Domains.

It means that people can purchase Unstoppable Domains domain names with one of 10 extensions—.bitcoin, .coin, .crypto, .dao, .nft, .wallet, .x, .zil, .888, or the soon-to-be-released .blockchain—and use them with their wallets.

That makes it easier for people to see who they’re transacting with. Instead of sending ETH to the address starting in 0x631d, you can send it to Joe.crypto. In this regard, Unstoppable Domains is similar to Ethereum Name Service, which allows people to use .eth domain names and connect them to their wallets. 

“Replacing complicated addresses with human readable domains on allows users to send and receive crypto as easily as sending an email,” said senior product manager Amadeo Pellicce in a press release.

NFTs (short for non-fungible tokens) are digital records of ownership on a blockchain. Though often linked to digital art and collectibles, in this case the domain name itself is an NFT—meaning you own it and can transfer it. 

If this sounds like deja vu, you’re not all wrong. Last year,…

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