Bitcoin price is clearly on the ropes, sending the market and its participants into a state of extreme fear. But much like a superhero donning their cape and hustling toward danger, an ultra-reliable bottom signal has returned to save the day.

Here is a closer look at the signal that appeared twice at the crypto bear market bottom, again on Black Thursday, and once again today.

Bitcoin Price: Bottoming Sequence Initiated?

Markets, much like everything else in the universe, are cyclical in behavior. Cryptocurrencies go through cold winters, but when they thaw, they run hotter than ever before.

However, there are two types of cycles: fixed, and sequences (also called linear and non-linear). Fixed cycles would focus on, for example, how price action might react related to the halving. Sequences are a bit different.

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Sequences instead must meet certain conditions. Fibonacci sequence, for example, involves a sequence where the next number in the sequence is always the sum of the previous two numbers.

The TD Sequential indicator created by market timing wizard Thomas Demark, works via a unique sequence of candlestick closes that when followed, triggers a buy or sell setup.

Why is this worth pointing out? Because one of the most reliable buy signals produced by the TD Sequential might have just called the Bitcoin bottom.


Will the signal call the bottom six out of six times?  | Source: BTCUSD on

No Need To Fear: TD Sequential Indicator Is Here

The TD Sequential indicator has…

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