Both traditional and crypto investors consider trading fees as one of the most significant liabilities when it comes to investing over exchanges. So no wonder when Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, asked investors about their interest in trading on the crypto exchange with no fees, the response was a resounding yes despite the inherent risks pointed out by the entrepreneur.

Binance stands as the biggest crypto exchange, outdoing its nearest competition FTX by 10x in terms of the trading volume. Zhao, known for implementing features based on community feedback, reached out over Twitter to gauge investor sentiment regarding the complete removal of trading fees.

While 0-fee trading may seem ideal for investors, CZ pointed out some of the issues it may sprout in the process — one of them being wash trading. Wash trading, wherein a user makes a series of buys and sells to manipulate market activity, can be used to go up the VIP tiers on Binance. 

Moreover, CZ stated that bringing 0-fee trading to the masses will require Binance to implement numerous safeguards, which include detection tools for identifying illegitimate trades. Each VIP tier is tied to certain trading benefits including lower trading fees. As a result, professional poker player Brian Rast asked “So if there are no fees, why do you need VIP tiers?”

Over 30,600 investors voted on CZ’s poll at the time of writing — with around…

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