Crypto exchange Binance announced the parallel launch of three key educational initiatives to fast-track educating Indian investors and students about the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

While recognizing the importance of investors’ awareness of crypto and blockchain, Binance highlighted that Indian regulators and policymakers cite the lack of education as an area of concern, which currently hinders the widespread adoption of crypto.

Primarily targeting the student demographic in India, one of the three educational initiatives launched by Binance involves the initiation of the ‘Blockchain for Good’ Ideathon, a platform for college students to come up with solutions for making crypto more accessible and inclusive.

Binance also partnered with India-based crypto influencers and educators, including Neha Nagar, Aditya Saini and Kashif Raza, to host a free webinar named Crypto for All on May 1. According to the official announcement, the crypto influencers will focus on teaching the basic concepts of blockchain and crypto while demystifying myths related to crypto trading:

“Along with providing certificates issued over blockchain by Binance NFT to all attendees, select winners will receive grand giveaways in Bitcoin and Binance Coin (BNB).”

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