White Paper & Times Square Campaign

The Billionaire Zombies Club has released its official white paper, a preview of their upcoming metaverse experience, and has empowered their community to mint ‘Skeleton King’ NFTs which will eventually have DAO Governance and significant ingame utility. As of this writing, the BZC Collections across Open Sea have aggregated more than 600 ETH in volume or $2.45MM as of this writing.

NEW YORK, — The Billionaire Zombies Club (BZC), a fast-growing decentralized NFT art community, has released its development roadmap via its official White Paper. In addition, BZC has launched a proprietary online portal that will be a hub for the club’s activity going forward. This portal will empower Billionaire Zombies Club’s members to register their official Billionaire Zombies Club collections, to trade assets in the official Billionaire Zombies Club marketplace, and to mint new assets for the upcoming Metaverse and gaming experiences at www.billionairezombies.com.

BZC ran advertisements in Times Square and just off of Space X’s campus in Los Angeles to commemorate the official minting of the first Skeleton Kings.

The Billionaire Zombies Club is currently enabling community members to mint “Skeleton Kings” if they are holders of “Skeleton Key Cards’‘ on their proprietary marketplace using BZC Tokens. The Skeleton King holders will have the ability to vote in the Billionaire Zombies emerging governance ecosystem that eventually will control operating and growth decisions for the community via “The King’s Council,” a…

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