Billionaire Ray Dalio has revealed that he holds bitcoin and ethereum holdings. Various billionaires have also been public about their bitcoin and ethereum holdings. For a lot of these billionaires, the move from cash into cryptocurrencies has been a pertinent one as the former continues to lose its value in the market. Dalio also gave this as a reason for holding the cryptocurrencies.

Growing concerns about the value of cash as an investment have seen both institutional and individual investors move their holdings into cryptocurrencies. Coupled with rising inflation rates, diversifying into cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum has become more popular.

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Dalio Owns Bitcoin And Ethereum

Billionaire Ray Dalio sat down with Yahoo! Finance to talk about the financial market and how one can be successful in it. Talking with host Andy Serwer, Dalio confirmed once again that he owned bitcoin but this time around, the billionaire revealed that he had added ethereum to his holdings. This was in response to a direct question from Serwer about the billonaire’s crypto holdings.

Bitcoin price chart from

BTC dives into $45,000 territory | Source: BTCUSD on

Dalio declined to give a precise amount of bitcoin that he owned, which is understandable, but explained that he did not own a lot of either bitcoin or ethereum. As for the reason behind holding these cryptocurrencies, Dalio explained that it was because he viewed it as an alternative to cash. “I view it as an alternative money in an…

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