Imagine a throng of fashionistas as they file into a great glass dome: one dressed in an alien-green corset, another in a tight, furry dress likely derived from the pelt of a Wild Thing. As each person enters the dome, the structure changes for them in real time.

The woman in the furry dress looks up at a massive display and sees her own dress, along with an invitation to an exclusive talk with the item’s designer later that afternoon. The man in the corset sees his own item on the same billboard, along with a flashing arrow pointing toward an immersive cocktail experience open only to owners of his same collection. The dress and the corset were, until recently, purely digital outfits, worn by these people’s avatars in the metaverse; then, physical versions of the outfits arrived in the mail, along with an exclusive invitation to Balmain’s Festival at Paris Fashion Week.

Such a premise might sound like science fiction to some.

To James Sun, co-founder of MINTNFT, the firm just tasked with architecting luxury fashion line Balmain’s NFT campaign, it’s a goalpost for September.

MINTNFT co-founder James Sun (left) with Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing. Photo: Balmain

Sun is attempting to establish the storied French fashion house as a leader in what he claims is the next age of NFTs and Web3 business: one that’s less focused on NFT drops and massive swings in speculative trading, and more concerned with immersive experiences and long-term relationships with customers.

“[Balmain] knew they couldn’t go with OpenSea, Rarible, [and] do a bunch of drops….

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