The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has shown its support for the “crypto rule book” idea and called for regulating exchanges instead of crypto assets.

In May, the Australian Law Reform Council (ALRC) proposed to tackle crypto regulation through a rule book-style framework which sets out a series of gradually updated compliance principles for local crypto firms to adhere to.

The comments came via a submission to the Treasury by FPA’s head of policy, strategy and innovation, Ben Marshan, who also argued that the regulation of crypto exchanges should fall under the current financial services regime and not under a new separate legal framework.

“Firstly, it would create an alternate, duplicate regulatory regime to regulate what at the core is the purchase and holding of a financial asset to either retail or wholesale investors.”

“Secondly, it would require existing financial service licensees to apply for and hold a separate type of license, adding to cost and regulatory duplication,” he added.

Mashan also emphasized a need to roll out greater consumer protections for local Australian crypto users and highlighted that regulating secondary providers (crypto exchanges, brokers etc.) is the best way to do this.

“The regulation of a financial product or service should not depend on the technology which underlies the asset,” he said, adding that “it would be virtually impossible to regulate the product because it’s so decentralized, they’re in all sorts of foreign jurisdictions.”

Focusing regulation on crypto service providers will remove…

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