Paramount Miami Worldcenter Illuminates Tallest Electronic Art Montage & Welcome Sign

First-Ever Art Week Trash-to-Art Scavenger Hunt & Free NFT Minting Event

Art Basel

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MIAMI, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world’s tallest electronic – digital montage of famous paintings lights-up the Miami skyline, marking the start of Art Basel Week Miami — America’s most-prestigious arts festival, known as “The Super Bowl of the Art World.”

Super Bowl of Art World Tower Lighting

During the festival, the Paramount Miami Worldcenter tower illuminates nightly, from sunset until midnight, with the 700-foot-tall words, “Art Week Miami 2021.”

It is a digital welcome sign to an estimated 100,000 art enthusiasts converging on the city.

The 60-story high Paramount Miami Worldcenter features the world’s tallest and most technologically-advanced L.E.D. animation lighting system.

At a cost of $3-million, the system, which can create 16.2 million colors, is composed of 16,000 L.E.D.’s embedded in 10,000 panes of high impact glass.

Atop the building’s 100-foot-high by 300-foot-wide crown, and through its center, are flickering mosaics of famous artworks.

They include, Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe and the trademark droopy eyes images of South Florida’s renowned street artist, David Anasagasti, known as, “Ahol Sniffs Glue.”

Dec. 2, 2021: Scavenger Hunt & Minting Event: One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure

On December 2, 2021, Mr. Glue, Florida International University’s Art Department and Paramount Miami Worldcenter present the first-ever Art Basel Week Trash-to-Art Scavenger Hunt and free NFT minting and artist’s autograph event.

Scores of scavenger hunt winners carrying trash painted with Mr. Glue’s iconic droopy eyes emblems are expected to line-up at the event at the Paramount Miami Worldcenter Promenade in downtown Miami on Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

The promenade is located off N.E. 9th Street, between N.E. 1st and 2nd Avenues.

Objects of Art

Amongst the new-art items are discarded and illegally dumped appliances, beach chairs, cabinets, cardboard boxes, computer monitors, construction materials, eye glasses, flip-flops, furniture, gas cans, hardhats, life preservers, lampshades, plastic containers, and, even, a vacuum cleaner.

Mr. Glue’s artwork has fetched as much as $80,000 per piece.

Cycling for Trash in Miami & West Palm Beach

During the past year, when the Pandemic forced galleries to close, like many Americans, Mr. Glue was cooped-up at home.

He decided to start cycling along the highways and byways of South Florida tagging trash-into-art and offering the pieces free-of-charge to his admirers.

Mr. Glue spray-paints and Sharpie-sketches his widely-recognized droopy eyes on garbage found on the streets and back alleys of Miami and, recently, in West Palm Beach.

Instagram Clues

Once painted, Mr. Glue places these articles near recognizable landmarks.

He snaps photos of the items and posts them on Instagram – giving his social media followers clues to the items’ whereabouts.

Lucky Winners Get Autograph & NFT

The first person to retrieve an item is the winner of a free artist’s autograph and NFT – minted artwork.

Art Basel Non-Fungible Tokens Craze

NFT is a unique digital asset that uses blockchain technology to verify the authenticity and ownership of an item.

It empowers an artist or collector to digitally post a piece of art and sell the image or the actual item without concerns of counterfeit, forgery or fraud.

In this case, NFT owners of Mr. Glue’s works can sell, trade, exhibit and duplicate the art pieces.

F.I.U. Art Chronicling

Florida International University Art Department staff members will interview the winners at the NFT event; chronicling the history of the art pieces and their new owners.

Art Exhibit: “Geographies of Garbage”

Also on December 2, 2021, at 6:00 p.m., Paramount Miami Worldcenter will present Mr. Glue’s art exhibit entitled, “Geographies of Trash.”

It takes place at Paramount Miami Worldcenter’s 58th floor Skydeck lounge at 851 N.E. 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132.

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