The Ethereum layer-two network Arbitrum has suffered its second outage in less than five months following a hardware failure.

Arbitrum is back online at the time of writing but the team did report some downtime during the late hours of Jan. 9. The timing of the tweets suggests that the network was down for around seven hours.

At the time, the Offchain Labs platform reported that it was experiencing some issues with the sequencer which prevented transactions from being processed for the period.

On Jan. 10, Arbitrum released a post mortem explaining what had occurred to cause the brief outage. “The core issue was a hardware failure in our main Sequencer node,” it revealed, adding that backup Sequencer redundancies that would normally take control also failed due to an ongoing software update.

The network is designed to fall back to layer-one Ethereum to process transactions when it has its own Sequencer issues. However, it stated that efforts were made to make sure all transactions were confirmed by the Sequencer before going offline. A total of 284 transactions captured by the Sequencer were prevented from being posted to the Ethereum chain.

This was a very minor outage in the grand scheme of things but the team did remind users that the network is still essentially in beta.

“The Arbitrum network is still in beta, and we will keep this moniker as long as there are…

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