We’re thrilled to reveal 70 of the leading NFT collections that will soon be available to Kraken NFT beta testers. We carefully selected these collections so you can explore, curate and secure the NFT collection of your dreams with zero gas fees.*

The beta will include NFT collections across the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. We plan to add hundreds of additional collections after the beta concludes.

Join the waitlist now for your chance to test the Kraken NFT beta.

Ethereum NFTs

  1. 0N1 Force
  2. Boki
  3. Bored Ape Kennel Club
  4. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  5. Boss Beauties
  6. Capsule House
  7. Castle Kid By Colin Tilley
  9. Cool Cats NFT
  10. Cool Pets NFT 
  11. Creature World NFT
  12. Creepz Genesis
  13. Crypto Coven
  14. CrypToadz by GREMPLIN
  15. CryptoBatz
  16. CryptoPunks
  17. CryptoSkulls
  18. CyberKongz
  19. Damien Hirst, The Currency
  20. Deadfellaz
  21. Decentraland
  22. Decentraland Wearables
  23. Degen Toonz
  24. Doodles
  25. ENS: Ethereum Name Service 
  26. GalacticApes
  27. goblintown.wtf
  28. Hashmasks
  29. Lazy Lions
  30. Letters by Vinnie Hager 
  31. Loot (for Adventurers)
  32. Meebits
  33. MekaVerse
  34. Meta Legends
  35. Mfers
  36. Moonbirds
  37. Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  38. NFT Worlds 
  39. Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse
  40. Otherdeed for Otherside
  41. Peaceful Groupies
  42. Pudgy Penguins
  43. PXN: Ghost Division
  44. Robotos
  45. SlimHoods
  46. The Doge Pound
  47. The Humanoids
  48. the pixels inc
  49. The Sandbox
  50. TIME Pieces Build a Better Future: Genesis Drop
  51. VeeFriends
  52. Wassies by Wassies
  53. We Are All Going to Die
  54. Women and Weapons
  55. World of Women

Solana NFTs

  1. Aurory
  2. Bold Badgers Squad
  3. Boryoku Dragonz
  4. Degenerate Ape Academy
  5. Fancy Frenchies NFT
  6. Frakt
  7. GGSG: Galactic Gecko
  8. Just Ape
  9. Okay Bears
  10. Rogue Sharks NFT
  11. Rude…

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