Video games, cars, and blockchain technology are integrating to become a single metaverse matchup. All that was not possible until recently with advancements in these technologies. One company that specializes in the design of futuristic generations of electric vehicles, Independent Electric Vehicle (INDIEV), unleashed a new component in their introductory vehicle, the INDI One, at CES earlier this month.

The INDI One vehicle supports a new form of mobile blockchain. In every car, INDIEV aims to design the unit to enable it to function as a blockchain node. Thus, each INDI One sold is a node added to a chain expected to grow and evolve with more users in the long term.

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Andre Hudson, INDIEV Head of Design, explained to us how the new electric vehicles will operate and where he sees the company heading in the near- and long-term.

Andre Hudson, INDIEV Head of Design Talks To Us About Blockchain Installation In Electric Vehicles


About Andre Hudson

Andre Hudson is an experienced design leader who has a proven history of design leadership and vision. He has managed to lead the development of highly successful concepts and vehicles in the current motor marketplace.

Hudson brings in a strong sense of design and art awareness, aesthetic acuteness, and team leadership. He is professionally trained in Surface Modeling, Alias Studio Tools, Program Management, Sketching, and Automotive Design.

In the Vehicle Integrated Computer, we intend to deploy a vehicle app platform where developers can create software to enhance the vehicle experience. Our blockchain would certainly support…

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