The Project Also Announces Unique Charity Program

Paris, France AjeVerse announces plans for the first African Metaverse project release enabling users to create and trade NFTs on the platform’s proprietary NFT marketplace.


Additionally, AjeVerse will launch a unique charity program to donate 5% of its total token supply to police brutality victims.

AJE is a decentralized metaverse operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its goal is to allow users to explore and trade in Africa’s first-ever virtual space. There, participants can use the platform’s native token, $AJE, to create, trade, and transfer NFTs.

This project seeks to fill the gap between the centralized, physical world and the virtual, open-source space. In this regard, it will use cryptographic protocols to manage the digital value of real-world assets on the blockchain.

The native utility token $AJE will act as the connective medium and means of accessing the AJE Metaverse. Also, it will provide AJE holders with voting rights on the platform. Therefore, the metaverse will become a member-governed decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Lastly, AJE will donate 5% of its total token supply to a charity fund that the community holders will manage. Through it, victims of police brutality in Nigeria will receive helpful resources to improve their situations.

Alternatively, the fund will also donate to female victims in war-torn countries such as Sudan, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The 5% allocation will be vested and released monthly for 3 years to support various communities within the beneficiary demographics.

The project’s whitelisting process has started on December 1st, 2021.

About AjeVerse

AjeVerse is an African community-driven meme token that plans to lead Africa’s metaverse and NFT revolution. Its mission is to create a well-organized community with self-governance and vesting powers to bridge the virtual and physical worlds.

The AjeVerse team is available at:


Nyce AyukLead -at- ajeverse.com

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