Solana has had an amazing past 2 years as it became one of the fastest growing altcoins; in 2022, we see how they are doing what many tokens couldn’t and won’t be able to do.

Few fall in the same category as Solana, so let’s take a look at what’s taken the token here, and what may look ahead.

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Briefing Of Solana And It’s Rise During 2021…

Solana in short, is a public blockchain platform. It achieves consensus using the proof of stake mechanism. It’s internal cryptocurrency ticker is SOL. In 2021, Bloomberg journalist Joanna Ossinger described Solana as “a potential long-term rival for Ethereum,” citing superior transaction speeds and lower associated costs.

Last year was a pretty good year for Solana ($SOL) as many early investors saw upwards of 45,000% gains in 2021 – which propelled Solana to being a top 10 crypto. Altcoins had a booming year, and Solana was no exception. The project has a unique blockchain that uses ‘proof-of-stake’ coupled with ‘proof-of-history’. This means transactions are processed in order, which results in very quick, very low costs transactions.

      SOLANA hit a 10% drop this past week. SOL-USD on

Solana also made headlines with Visa as they get ready launch their Fast Track program. According to a press release in recent months, Zebec is the first Solana-based project accepted to the Visa program, which has supported companies such as Stripe, Chime, and Here’s what Sam Thapaliya, founder and CEO…

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