Earth Day, a 52-year-old tradition celebrated annually on April 22, provides an opportune moment for the world’s citizens to reflect upon their environmental progress, as well as rally support for political policy-making, cultural climate awareness and individual commitments to sustainability.

The emergence of blockchain and Web3 has provided the core architecture for a structural remodeling in public transparency, and as such, a technology that has the potential to be harnessed in service of the visions established by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Accord.

Cointelegraph spoke to a number of environmental experts to gauge their opinions and ideas on how Web3 companies can make positive impacts in the global climate endeavor by utilizing the power of blockchain technology.

Sander DiAngelis, the head of growth and partnerships at Toucan Protocol, advocated for an amalgamation of physical and digital initiatives, noting that “tokenized carbon credits” are enabling the creation of “virtual carbon sinks that generate real-world planet-positive impact.”

Coinbase’s philanthropic climate program, which allocates 1% of its corporate revenue towards projects seeking to enhance the democratization of cryptocurrency, recently awarded a $500,000 ecosystem grant to Toucan Protocol to build their carbon markets infrastructure.

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