Bitcoin price has dropped quite a bit from its $69,000 all-time high but it continues to maintain high values. Investors who have been in the market for a while are deep in profit, while a small minority are the only ones in loss. Nevertheless, it goes to show how much the digital asset has grown in value given that the large majority of investors could sell now and still make a profit.

74% Of Bitcoin Holders Remain In Profit

Data from IntoTheBlock shows that a total of 74% of all bitcoin holders continue to remain in profit. These investors would make a profit and some already have been realizing this profit with the sell-offs that have been taking place in the market. So despite declining prices for the past month, the majority of bitcoin investors are realizing gains from their investments.

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On the flip side of this, a total of 18% of investors are in loss from their investments. Going with current prices, these investors would have purchased their bitcoins at about $52,000 and higher, putting them right in loss territory. The rest of the investors, 7% in total, remain in neutral territory. These are the investors who bought their bitcoins on or around the current trending price of the digital asset.

Majority of bitcoin investors remain in profit

74% of BTC investors are in profit | Source: IntoTheBlock

Of all of thee investors, 56% have held their bitcoins for longer than a year, putting the majority of those who have held their bitcoins for longer right in profit territory. A total of 33% have held their assets for a duration…

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