There has been a rise in crypto popularity and presence in the last few years. Many individuals in younger generations are infatuated by cryptocurrency and the world of investing. Cryptocurrency has been a life-changer for thousands of students looking to make smart financial decisions.

Universities around the globe are ensuring that younger generations are being educated on the topic of investing. These are 5 ways crypto is changing the lives of students.


Cryptocurrency Explained

Before we dive into the 5 ways cryptocurrency is changing the lives of students, here’s an explanation of what exactly it is. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital investment that can be purchased and sold to other participants. The system is private and secure and is operated by individuals rather than a huge corporation.

Common types of cryptocurrency you’ve likely heard about include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Terra. All crypto is associated with real-life currencies like USD and more. Cryptocurrency can either be bought or sold, but it can also be mined (collecting through mathematical equations). It’s a complex type of investing but can pay off once you become skilled at it.

1. Making Money

Students are able to make lots of money by involving themselves in cryptocurrency. Some of these students have been able to crack the code on how to “beat the system”. These lucky individuals are able to make quick cash. Prices of everything continue to rise even though receiving a stable income is harder than ever. Students deal with debt, struggle to save money, and afford basic…

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