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Big news for the NFT crowd: you can now make your NFT your Twitter profile picture. Well, yes, you could have done that before, but now you can verify through blockchain that you own it, and Twitter will reward you with a hexagon around it. And it’s only for Twitter Blue subscribers, only on iPhones, and only in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And it’s only for NFTs minted on Ethereum and stored on OpenSea.

So… is it actually big news?

I say it is—for NFT fans and for Twitter as a company. But it’s also a moment that will further fuel critics of NFTs and of Twitter.

Twitter first teased this feature four months ago, and we wrote at the time that it was “full of promise” but also “fraught with peril.” Now the feature is live, and whether you’re a Bored Ape collector tweeting “wagmi” and “looks rare” all day, or a staunch NFT hater threatening to boycott every game-maker that implements NFTs, or somewhere inbetween, here are 5 reasons to pay attention to how this goes.

The feature helps show people how NFTs work. The popular rallying cry of people who think NFTs are stupid is “I just right-clicked and saved it.” Anyone with enough patience typically explains that non-fungible tokens are blockchain-based ownership certificates, so while anyone can screenshot it and display it, that’s not the same as owning it. Twitter’s feature shows that rather than just telling it: only the owner of an NFT can prove, by plugging into the Ethereum blockchain, that they own it, and get the verified hexagon.
The divide between NFT fanatics and NFT haters is getting…

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